Vires, Artes, Mores
A university-wide donor recognition society

Vires, Artes, Mores Donor Honor Roll


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Vires, Artes, Mores Donor Honor Roll

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on these web pages. Please accept our apology for any errors or omissions. Should you have any changes, corrections or questions, please contact the Donor Relations department at (850) 644-0762.


Diamond Society:

$10 million +


Emerald Society:

$5 million-$9.9 million

Sapphire Society:

$1 million-$4.9 million

Garnet Society:


Albert* J. and Judith A. Dunlap
Arnold L. and Priscilla Greenfield*
Charles Koch Foundation
The Koger Support Foundation, Inc.
Ira M. and Nancy Jane T. Koger*

Lectra, Inc.
DeVoe L. and Shirley McEwan Moore
The Jim Moran Foundation, Inc.
Jan and Jim* Moran
Howard C. and Janice R. Tibbals



Ceridian Corporation
Warren J. and Margot E. Coville
The Robert and Nancy Dedman Foundation
Nancy and Robert* H. Dedman
Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Inc.
JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

W. Russell and Eugenia M. Morcom
Tallahassee Automobile Museum
MDS Research Foundation, Inc.
NCH Healthcare System, Inc.
James A. and Linda S. Owens
The Claude Pepper Foundation, Inc.

Arthur F. and Ulla R. Searing*
Southeastern HealthCare Foundation, Inc.
Helga M. Wall-Apelt
Adelaide D. Wilson*



The Academy of Producer Insurance Studies, Inc.
Rosalie M. Agee*
Les and Ruth Akers
Matilda A. and Evans* C. Allen
Margaret A. and Robert* A. Allesee
Amicus Foundation, Inc.
Larry Y. Anchors
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Arthur I. and Martha Appleton*
Kathy R. and Delbert* M. Archibald
Archbold Medical Center
Argus Software, Inc.
Associated Industries of Florida, Inc.
Kathryn and Brian Ballard
Bank of America
BB&T Charitable Foundation
Mandell and Madeleine Berman*
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Clara V. Bert*
Mary Tilley and Lester Bessemer*
The Bolger Foundation
David F. Bolger*
Robin and Dennis* Boyle
Charles A. Bruning*
Edward E. and Billie Jo Burr
Capital City Bank
John E. and Mary L. Champion*
J. Harold and Barbara M. Chastain
The Collier Foundation, Inc.
Michael W. and Kathleen L. Conway
Alicia Crew and Janet Stoner
James H. and Kathleen M. Dahl
Marvin I. and Betty J. Danto*
Jeanette P. and Clifford D. Davenport*
Anne S. and John W. Daves
Carl DeSantis
Jeannette B. DeWitt*
Duke Energy
Mark P. and Jennie Famiglio
Kenneth J. and Bonnie T. Feld
Ann R. and Eugene* C. Figg
Alan R. and Carol A. Flaumenhaft
Florida Association of Broadcasters
Florida Board of Regents Foundation, Inc.
Florida Department of State - Division of Historical Resources
Florida Department of State - Division of Cultural Affairs
Florida Hospital Orlando
David B. Ford*
Yolande Fowler*
John W. and Terry P. Frost
Charles R. and Linda R. Gardner
The Ghazvini Family
William D. Griffin
Gulf Atlantic Insurance Services

William A. and Carole* A. Haggard
Anne Hamilton
Maryhelen Cleverly Harmon and Hugh Brown Harmon
Harris Corporation
Mary H. Harris*
Helios Education Foundation
Anola B. Hendrick*
E. Cantey and Marilynn S. Higdon*
Mart P. and Louis* Hill
Mark and Nan Casper Hillis
Ron H. and Carolyn F. Hobbs
Wayne & Patricia Hogan Family Foundation
John W. and Patricia Hogan
William T. Hold
Russell Holley*
Wiley L. and Lucilla Gumm Housewright*
Louise W. Humphrey*
IBM Corporation
Inland Food Stores
Charles H. and Dorothy C. Jenkins
Joy Sloan Jinks
Ruth T. Jinks Foundation, Inc.
Richard and Edith S. Joel*
Peter D. and Mary Lee C. Jones
Severiano and Josephine C. Jorge*
Ronald E. Jutila*
The Kaul Foundation
Robert G. and Sharon S. Kerrigan
Leora P. King*
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Philip and Nancy Kotler
Carol F. and Richard P. Krebs*
George R. and Marian L. Langford*
Lawton and Elizabeth M. Langford
Howard and Helen Latzer*
Brett C. and Cynthia P. Lindquist
David F. and Jeanne Lyons
Lake H. and Susan E. Lytal
Mark A. and Patricia L. Macek
Macy's, Inc.
Charlotte E. Maguire*
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
Craig C. Mateer
MCI WorldCom
McIntosh Foundation
Richard D. McMullen
Teri L. Miller
Morcom Foundation, Inc.
Naples Children & Education Foundation
The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research
National Math and Science Initiative
NextEra Energy, Inc.
Nike, Inc.
Office Depot, Inc.
Mildred Overstreet*

James Parrish Owens
Margaret S. Parkman*
Thomas F. and Elizabeth Petway
Mina Jo Powell*
John H. and Hallie Quinn*
David A. and Regan E. Rancourt
Isabel C. and William A. Read*
Marjorie C. and Bruce* A. Rendina
Allan W. and Byrd M. Roadcap*
Charles E. and Persis Rockwood
Jim and Betty Ann Rodgers
Madeline D. Rolland*
Robert G. and Diane S. Roskamp
Sarasota Ballet of Florida
Bob and Pam Sasser
Cynthia J. Schumacher
Seminole Sports Properties
James C. and Carole C. Smith
William G. and Patricia L. Smith*
The Society of Certified Insurance Counselors, Inc.
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation
Guy M. and Delores Spearman
Frances* L. and Gus A. Stavros
Jeffrey A. and Agnes F. Stoops
Stoops Family Foundation, Inc.
The St. Joe Community Foundation, Inc.
Steven M. and Linda H. Summey
Syn-Tech Systems, Inc.
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Foundation, Inc.
Thomas Howell Ferguson, P.A.
Thompson-Hartford Foundation, Inc.
Nylah Thompson and H.L. Hartford
Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Global Foundation
Leon C. and Billye Tully*
Pearl Tyner*
University Fund, LLC
Don A. and Frances B. Veller*
vrSoftware Limited
Gary and Cumi Walsingham
Weider Health and Fitness
Ben Weider*
Leigh R. and Sharyn H. Weiner
Wells Fargo
William G. and Marie Selby Foundation
William H. and Lucyle T. Werkmeister*
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc.
Courtney R. and Derek A. Whitis
Jimmy and Annette Williams
Marguerite N. Williams*
Sabrina S. and Thomas* L. Williams
Thomas J. Wilson
Ada B. Winthrop-King*
W.S. Badcock Corporation
Philip J. and Carolyn Wyatt
Rosalie M. Wyman*



A Materials Group
Able Body Labor
Ajax Building Corporation
Robert F. and Sharman Aldrich
Maximo and Esther L. Alvarez
Angus G. and Donna Andrews
Earldine T. Ankiewicz*
Aramark Global Business Services
Arbor Properties, Inc. - Gordon Thames
Art for Education
Arthrex, Inc.
Aruba Networks
Florence Helen Ashby and Laird* B. Anderson
Asolo Repertory Theatre
Fred G. and Joanne M. Astor
AssuredPartners, Inc.
AT&T Foundation
ATEL Foundation
Atlantic Coast Management
Sallie M. and DuBose Ausley
Beth Azor
Jorge E. and Diana L. Azor
Wogan S. and Michelle E. Badcock
Baggage Airline Guest Services, Inc.
Benjamin F. and Susan Bailey
Brenda and Gary* S. Bailey
Douglas S. Bailey
Stephen M. and Lucia H. Bailey
Bank of America
Thomas and Carol A. Bartelmo
Barnett Charities, Inc.
Brita S. Bartlett
Lance A. and Ashley R. Barton
Barwick Crab Co.
Robert D. and Deborah A. Basham
Beth E. Basham
Bass Sox Mercer P.A.
Mark and Patsy Bates
Evelyn R. and John W. Baugh*
Richard S. and Holly Baugh
Robert Bell
Larry and Joyce Beltz
David W. and Mary S. Benfer
Gayle and Tom Benson Charitable Foundation
Thomas* M. and Gayle M. Benson
Nicholas J. and Angela Bergan
The Bert Fish Foundation, Inc.
Karl Bickel Charitable Trust
Benjamin L. Bivins and Elece Harrison
John A. and Dorian T. Blackmon
Carl W. and JoAnn* Blackwell
Rita and Phil Blank
Felicia Braswell and Jimmy Weaver
Roderick M. and Hope Brim*
Derrick D. and Carol D. Brooks
Kathleen Swann Brooks
Kathleen Swann Brooks Family Foundation
Stephen T. and Yvonne T. Brown
Robert V. Bruce*
Vernon G. and Sandra J. Buchanan
Andrew R. and Marjorie C. Buglione*
Lisa T. Burkhardt
William C. Burkhardt
Jay J. Burleson
Clifford E. Burns*
Busch-Transou, L.C.
Susan M. Busch-Transou and Hal G. Transou
John W. Bussey, III
George A. Butchikas Foundation for Autism
George A. and Carolyn A. Butchikas
Robert W. Byrd*
Chris E. and Loraine M. Cadenhead
Mildred P. Callahan*
Jimmie R. and Donna G. Callaway
Joseph L. and Marion H. Camps
Mary L. Cantwell*
Capital Eurocars, Inc.
Capital Truck, Inc.
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Kevin D. Carpenter Family
Scott S. and Julie C. Carswell
E. Eugene Carter Foundation
E. Eugene Carter and Rita Rodriguez
Fitzhugh D. Carter*
Steve and Jim Caruso
Dean L. and Eliza L. Cash
Ken Cashin
Margaret L. Cason*
Robert E. and Faye Caton
CBIZ Benmark, Inc.
Centel Foundation
Champion Chevrolet, Inc.
Bridget M. and Gilbert* S. Chandler
Jeannette B. and Joseph* F. Chapman
Jules B. Chapman and Annie Lou Chapman Private Foundation
Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation
Charlotte Maguire-Lakewood Estates, Inc.
Min-Hwa Chi and Mangsun S. Huang
Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl
Samuel S. and Vickie S. Childers
Childers Construction Company, Inc.
Cisco Systems
Robyn L. and Charles M. Citrin
William E. and Barbara S. Coen
Marshall S. Cohn
Community Services Foundation of Bay County, Inc.
Terry and Linda Holdener Cole
Timothy A. Cole and Peggy H. Cole
College Avenue Company
Peter and Jennifer Collins
Collins Center for Public Policy
Wayne H. and Anne E. Coloney*
Comcast Spotlight
Feng Cong
Cook Brothers, Inc.
James T. and Jana L. Cook
Ralph L. Cook*
Cameron Cooper
William* M. and Marie C. Cooper
Adam B. Corey
C. Raymond Cottrell
Stella S. Cottrell
James E. and Diana J. Croft*
John B. and Betty W. Crowe
Thomas M. and Margaret E. Culligan
Culpepper Construction Company, Inc.
John and Karen Culver
Cummins Business Services
The John Cuneo Florida Foundation
Clif C. and Teresa Curry
CVI Art Management, Inc.
Cynthia G. Edelman Family Foundation
Cytec Engineered Materials
Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte* and Patsy J. Palmer
Dansby-Piney Z
Scott and Marion Darling
Christopher F. and Louise M. Davenport
Tine W. Davis Family - W.D. Charities, Inc.
Millard E. and Jacqueline K. Davis
Sam P. Davis*
T. Wayne and Kitty Davis
Cecil B. Day Family
Syde P. Deeb*
John Degen*
Mark & Lula Hamilton DeGraff Trust
Deloitte Foundation
Delta Colony Housing Corporation, Inc.
Diageo North America, Inc.
Christopher E. and Andrea L. Diamantis
Digital Domain
Carl J. and Sharon E. Domino
Opal B. Dorrance*
James R. and Margaret W. Douglass
Laurie and Kelly Dozier
Laurie L. Dozier, Jr.*
Drummond Community Bank
Luther and Kay G. Drummond
John A. and Carolyn C. DuBard
Frank E. Duckwall Foundation, Inc.
June and Ferdinand Duda
Gaston Dufresne Foundation for the Performing Arts
Peter M. and Susan Dunbar
Alfred I. duPont Foundation, Inc.
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Linda H. Dupree
William M. and Leanne C. Durham
Earl Bacon Agency
EBV National Consortium
Echelon, LLC
Charles W. and Judith Ehrhardt
William H. Eisele*
Leon R. and Margaret M. Ellin
EMC Corporation
Gregory D. Ereckson
Ernst & Young Foundation
Robert M. and Frances Cushing Ervin*
Don and Susan Everett
Michael T. and Kelli H. Evertsen
Evolvian, Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Frank* and Jo Ann Fain
FCCI Insurance Group
Michelle and Andrew F. Feinberg
Feld Entertainment, Inc.
The Feld Family Foundation, Inc.
William A. and Nancy N. Ferguson
Figg Bridge Engineers
Linda A. and Richard D. Figg
Jon C. and Konstance J. Findlay
Robert C. and Teresa Z. Finley
Florida Association of Broadcasters
The Florida Bar Foundation
The Florida Bar
Florida Blue
Florida Blue Foundation
Florida Board of Governors Foundation, Inc.
Florida City And County Management Association
Florida League of Cities
Florida Medical Practice Plan, Inc.
Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association
The Florida State Real Estate Network, Inc.
Daisy P. and Claude R. Flory*
Carlisle S. and Kay* R. Floyd

C. David and Deborah K. Fonvielle
The Freed Foundation
Robert C. and Debra D. Frey
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.
FSU Credit Union
Tom and Ginny Futch
G.M.F. Industries, Inc.
Gabor Agency, Inc.
John T. and Christie A. Gannon
Graham and Brittany Gano
Geraldine F. and Manuel A. Garcia
The Gardener Foundation, Inc.
Jeffrey D. and Valerie B. Gargiulo
Garnet & Gold, Inc.
GE Foundation
Jerry* A. and Carolyn S. Glass
Godfrey Smith Family Estate
Hilda J. and Solomon* Goldman
Sally M. and Daniel* R. Goldreyer
Thomas O. and Sandra N. Goldsworthy
Robert M. Golson*
James A. and Lisa C. Graganella
Jack W. Gramling*
Daniel J. and Jamie L. Grant
Great Compassion Foundation, Inc.
Carla T. Griffin*
Richard S. Griffith
James T. and Christine D. Guida
Gulf Power Foundation, Inc.
Hagar-Brannen Insurance
Bill R. Hagen
The Haggard Law Firm, P.A.
Michael A. and Rebekka B. Haggard
S. Thomas Hamilton, Jr. and Judy C. Hamilton
Tom and Dianne* Haney
Melvene Hardee*
Bill* and Donna J. Harkins
Martha and Foster Harmon*
George M. and Mary Jane Harper*
Harrell Family, LLC
Michael W. and Leslie T. Harrell
Brian A. and Lisa Harris
Carol Lees Gregg
Kenneth R. Hart
Hadley* H. and Sallie L. Hasemeier
Charles T. and Joan* G. Haworth
Myron L. and Judith M. Hayden
Rich and Nancy Heffley
Doris R. Henderson
Jim W. and Carole R. Henderson
Hendrick Automotive Group
Daniel T. and Elizabeth V. Hendrix
Tom and Cathie Herndon
James L. and Rosemary R. Hewitt
Hill Nissan, Inc.
Timothy J. Hill
Donald M. Hinkle
Janet Bruce Hinkle
Lee F. and Clifford* R. Hinkle
Lucy M. Ho
Suzy S.H. Ho
Marion O. & Maximilian E. Hoffman Foundation
Katherine B. and Harold H. Hoffman*
John L. and Mary B. Holcomb
Holler Classic Automotive Group
Christopher A. Holler
Loretta L. Holliday*
Alan C. and Kristen M. Hooper
Derle Horner*
Winston K. and Yvonne J. Howell
Homer Hoyt Institute
John* E. and Leila A. Hudson
Vincent S. and Jacqueline C. Hughes
Huisking Foundation, Inc.
Charles L. and Lillian Huisking*
Gilbert W. & Louise I. Humphrey Foundation
G. W. and Sally Humphrey
John M. Hunnicutt*
John E. and Leona M. Hunt*
Robert P. Hurrle Trust
The Don and Christine Ingram Family
James* J. and Kae D. Ingram-O'Brien
Italiano Insurance
Erwin D. and Stefanie W. Jackson
Bobby Jacobsen
Dennis L. and Barbara L. Jarvis
Dean W. and Andrea H. Jerger
Herbert H. and Mary G. Jervis
Johnson Scholarship Foundation
John W. Johnson
Manuel H. and Mary Johnson
Robert A. and Elizabeth A. Johnson
J. Robert and Susan Miller Jones
Bud and Marjie Jordan
Stanton B. and Nancy W. Kaplan
Richard S. Kearney
Keating Family Foundation
Elaine C. and Edward* Keating
Lawrence A. Kellogg
Kirby W. and Margaret-Ray Kemper
Kia AutoSport
Tedy M. and Robert L. King*
Thomas M. & Irene B. Kirbo Charitable Trust
Mary F. and James* E. Kirk, Jr.
Fay Kirtland*
The Kislak Family Foundation, Inc.
Jay Kislak* and Jean H. Kislak
Edward C. Klatt
Russell T. Kohl
Beverly L. and Robert* E. Koski
Michael J. and Susan Kowalski
KPMG Foundation
Kraft Nissan
Chris and Kellie Kraft
Patricia and Thomas Lager
Robert G. Landrum
E. Robert Langley*
Diahann W. Lassus
Marilyn J. Young and Michael K. Launer
John T. and Jennifer P. LaVia
Peter A. Law
Luna Bowdoin Leach*
Laurence F. Leavy
Ellen H. and Albert* L. LeDuc
Albert and Tiffany Lee
James L. Lee
Nell C. and John E. Leffler*
Legacy Toyota
Stephen C. and Sherry E. Leonard
Tony and Joan Leung
Lewis & Thompson Electric
Linda and Philip Lewis
Lincoln College Education & Research, Inc.
Joseph A. and Rose M. Lindsay*
Helen B. Lipscomb*
LLT Building Corporation
William C. and Stephanie A. Lloyd
Shane, Jessica and Hannah Locke
Winona H. Lowe*
Michael Loynd
M of Tallahassee, Inc.
John J. Maceluch
Jose A. Machado*
Don A. Madden
Scott and Sha Maddox
Dorothy C. and Melvin C. Magidson*
Eileen N. Mahan*
Thomas J. and Mary P. Maida
Mainline Information Systems, Inc.
Manatee Educational Television
Mandell and Madeleine Berman Foundation
Douglas and Cricket Mannheimer
Marion County Seminole Club
Bessie M. Marshall*
James* W. and Margaret A. Marshall
George B. and Mary J. Martin-Vegue*
Penelope E. Mason*
Daniel W. and Katherin J. Mathis
George V. Matlock and Nancy Tipton
Matthews & Jones, LLP
Robert W. and Mary E. Maxwell
Sharon Maxwell-Ferguson and Howell L. Ferguson
Frank P. and Theresa E. Mayernick
Curtis S. Mayes*
Emory L. and Catherine D. Mayfield
Roger W. Roberts and Mary H. McCallum
John D. and Elizabeth J. McCann
McConnaughhay, Coonrod, Pope, Weaver, Stern and Thomas, P.A
James N. McConnaughhay
Lucy A. McDaniel*
Sheila M. McDevitt
Joseph E. and Linda C. McGee
Tug McGraw Foundation
Winsome D. and Michael* A. McIntosh
McKenzie Tank Lines
Guy G. and Sarah P. McKenzie*
William G. and Brigitte R. McKenzie
Scott M. and Ina R. McNichols
Michael T. Meehan*
Joan Armour Mendell
Esther M. Mertz*
Mertz-Gilmore Foundation
MetLife Foundation
Peter W. and Pamela B. Mettler
James R. Meyer
Middle Road Foundation
David J. and Pam Middleton
Max E. and Kim M. Milam
Daniel L. Miller
Morris H. and Anita P. Miller
Mitchell Brothers Construction
Allen R. and Patricia M. Moayad
Keith D. and Linda L. Monda
Christopher F. and Jennifer L. Mongelluzzi
Ronald D. Moody
Coyle Moore Family Trust
Jane E. and George D. Morgan
James M. and Barbara M. Morrison*
Mabel Jean Morrison*
Renée and H. Gary* Morse
Multiple Prints Project, Inc.
Municipal Code Corporation
Francis J. and Anne M. Nardozza
National Christian Foundation Jacksonville
National Endowment for the Arts
National Geographic Society Education Foundation
The Nemours Foundation
Dennis K. and Katherine R. Newman

Steven C. and Krista J. Nicklaus
Richard H. and Betty Watts Nimtz
Nona J. Rawls & H. Taylor Jones Foundation
Nova Materials, Inc.
George M. O'Bryant 
Klara Oksenberg*
John S. Olson, Sr.
Orlando Health
Ted R. and Gail A. Ostrander
Larry J. Overton
MT Dynasty - Michael C. Wilson & Thomas E. Philip
Sallyn and Gary* C. Pajcic
Palm Beach County Seminole Club
Roy C. and Susan M. Palmer
Alex, Les, Martha and Leslie Pantin
Thomas F. and Dorothy R. Panza
Diane W. Parker
William M. and Charlotte H. Parker
Parrish Group
J. Michael and Judith B. Pate
Jimmy T. and Katie L. Patronis
William W. and Mary Kaye Peacock
Durell Peaden*
Pennington, P.A.
Leonard* and Marilyn Pepper
Charlotte I. and Charles M. Perret
Petway Family Foundation, Inc.
Mary Margaret Pfeiffer*
Pfizer, Inc.
Phipps Ventures, Inc.
John T. and Gerry Phipps
Michael C. and Hope B. Poland
Donna M. and Van B. Poole
Jennifer Short Poole and J.P. Short
Douglas B. Porter
The Presser Foundation
Prestige Infiniti
Scott and Tiffany Price
Pridmore Family Foundation
Oracle Primavera
Arthur D. and Sandra D. Prior
W. Theo* and Martha Anne Proctor
ProQuest Dialog
Progress Energy Foundation
William Lee Pryor*
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Sherrill W. and James W. Ragans
Carol S. Randell
Alice W. Rau
Wallace W. and Virginia F. Reichelt*
Don W. Reinhard
The Relgalf Charitable Foundation
ReliaQuest, LLC
Craig A. and Paula M. Reutlinger
Burton L. Reynolds*
Maurice Richards and Jack Kesler
Dorothy & Jonathan Rintels Charitable Foundation
Steven A. Rissman
Kyle, Becky and Alex Riva
John T. and Monica J. Rivers
John S. and Gail W. Robbins
Charles P. and Pamela Roberts
John H. Robinson and Janie Robinson
Sandra L. and Harry* L. Robinson
Theodore* C. and Sara A. Rodrigue
Stanley J. and Peg M. Rogaski
Gary L. and Charlotte A. Rogers
Laura and Sam Rogers
Scott G. and Suzanne E. Roix
Margaret A. Rolando
Roskamp Foundation
Marcia and Philip Rubin*
The Rubin Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Davage J. and Bonnie Runnels
May A. Ryburn*
Sales Education Foundation
John E. and Tana V. Sandefur*
Sarasota County Government
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Harry and Deborah A. Sargeant
Stephen C. and Cynthia L. Saterbo
Edward E. and Lisa A. Schatz
Leon J. Schmehl*
Judy A. and Donald W. Schmeling
Ina L. Schnell
Schor Foundation, Inc.
Laura and Joseph* M. Schor
Hans Schrader
Raymond* R. and Charyl M. Schroeder
Brent W. and Debbie N. Sembler
James M. and Martha Seneff
Charles T. and Jane G. Shad
Michael and Jean M. Shahnasarian
Judith F. and Stephen G. Shank
The Shank Family Foundation
Shelfer Memorial Trust
Betty Graves Shelfer*
Lucille P. Shelfer*
The Sheng Yen Education Foundation
The Shepard Broad Foundation, Inc.
Nina J. Shuman
R. Keith and Patricia D. Sigmon
Silicon Graphics
John P. Sisson*
James F. Smalley
Barry Smith and Mary Ann Stiles
Cleatious D. and Katherine M. Smith
Donald M. Smith
John B. Smith
J. Todd and Lisa D. South
Southland Contracting, Inc.
Southwest Florida Seminole Club
Spearman Foundation, Inc.
Gordon J. and Elizabeth A. Sprague
St. Joe Land Company
Dan J. and Lutresha T. St. John
Robert L. and Kathy A. Stahl
State Farm Companies Foundation
Eugene E. and Diana D. Stearns
William F. and Tammy A. Stephenson
Colleen A. and Donald* R. Stewart
John R. Stoner
Larry O. and Hilda E. Strom
Jason L. and Denise Summey
Sunshine Gasoline Distributors
Brian K. and Beth Swain
Synovus Financial Corporation
Jo Ann and Donn* A. Szaro
First Communications, Inc.
Tallahassee Community College District Board of Trustees
Tallahassee Democrat
Tallahassee Dodge Chrysler Jeep, LLC
Christopher K. and Delia P. Tam
Bernice M. Tatham*
Mark Taul 
David and Lucia Taxdal*
Jack Taylor Family Foundation, Inc.
Haywood O. and Betty* S. Taylor
James I. Taylor*
J. Herbert and Shirley Taylor*
Team 1 Orthopedics, Inc.
David L. and H. Margaret Tedrick
John Templeton Foundation
John P. and Marilyn K. Thomas
Lynette Thompson*
The Thiel Family
Marcia Deeb Thornberry and Robert L. Thornberry
Robert H. and Velma P. Threadgill
Vincent V. and Agatha Thursby*
Gary A. and Lee Ann Thurston
Tom James Company
Andrew Tomback and Sally Strauss
Donna M. and Pat* L. Tornillo
Fred M. and Deborah J. Tresca
Stephen B. Trickey
Todd D. and Annie L. Trimmer
Philip D. and Deirdre G. Troyer
Charles F. and Cynthia S. Tunnicliff
Marjorie R. and Augustus* B. Turnbull, III
Jonathan and Nicole Ungar
United Way of the Big Bend, Inc.
Charles M. and Kathleen M. Urban
Nadezda C. and Garrett C. Usina
Valparaiso Realty Company
The Vandermark Foundation
H. Kenza van Assenderp
Charles H. and Angie Van Diver
Jesse C. and Nancy P. Vance
The Vaughn Family
Samuel E. and Ilana Vichness
Frank T. and Anne E. Vicino
Tom and Evelyn Smith Vlasak
Peter A. and Mary Lou Vogt*
Samme Wade*
Wakulla Seminole Boosters
Sylvia H. and Daniel* R. Walbolt
Edwin W. Walborsky
Bess H. Ward*
Ware Oil & Supply
Warpath, Inc.
Scott D. and Karen E. Warren
Tommy Warren and Kathy Villacorta
Watkins Engineers-Constructors, Inc.
The Joe Weider Foundation
Jerry M. Weil
Whitaker Foundation
Charles L. and Jacqueline C. Whited
Stephen V. C. and Stevie Wilberding*
Brian and Cortney Williams
Jim C. Willis
John W. and Ellen* M. Winchester
The Winston-Salem Foundation
Joe and Hilda* E. Winterle
George A. and Virginia C. Winterling
Martin J. and Mary H. Wolf*
Bill Yandow*
Beverly White Yeager and Armer* E. White
Roy B. York and Mary F. York
B. Richard Young
Roy C. and Rose Marie D. Young
Carl Zeiss International, Inc.
ZWB Holdings, Inc.